We are currently setting the meetings for this year. Please check back soon to find out the great activities and speakers we will have.


March 17th

Saturday March 17th at 1 pm


Speaker - Dr. Ingrid Jordon-Thaden, Director UW Botany Greenhouse

West Agriculture Research Station

8502 Mineral Point Rd

Madison WI 53593

A number of you met Dr. Jordon-Thaden at Garden Expo this year - she's personable, well-spoken, and has a great interest in alpine and arctic botany. She'll speak about her research on Draba - a genus which it turns out has lots to tell us about adaptation to high arctic and alpine environments.


We have a number of items to discuss, including meeting subjects and locations for  the year, and the list of plants which we will get for Flower Factory to propagate. This last item is fairly urgent: online ordering has started for the nurseries we'll be using, so we should get our orders in soon to improve our chances of getting what we want. If you've been thinking of suggesting something, even if you don't know whether its available, this is the time to do it!



















Saturday TBD, 9AM to 4PM


site to be determined

Annual Seed Sorting & Packing for NARGS

pizza lunch and beverages

The gathering of the chapter to help the NARGS sort, package, and distribute seeds of plants both wild and cultivated, both common and rare. And pizza too. Note that the meeting will be held at the West Madison Research Station of UW-Madison. You can find a link to a map on their website http://westmadison.ars.wisc.edu.


March 17th 1PM


Speaker -Dr. Jordon-Thaden

West Madison Research Station