Your $10 annual membership dues brings you some solid benefits:

1. You'll enjoy monthly meetings from January through November, usually on the third Saturday of each month. We meet in Madison, Milwaukee, and Rockford. We have entertaining and informative presentations world-famous growers and plant hunters, as well as regional and local experts. There are special presentation by our own members. Take a door prize of a plant, a book, or a chapter items.

2. Our Chapter newsletter comes out 4 times a year. It recaps plant talks (if you're not able to make a meeting) and includes articles of interest on rock garden plants, announcements of upcoming events, pictures, poems and the occasional recipe. etc.

3. You'll tour some of the region’s finest private and public gardens and learn from plants people who have been growing these plants for years. A walk around a rock garden with an experienced grower will teach you more than a three-foot stack of garden books. Discover the secrets of design, siting, soil preparation, rock placement, exposure, microclimate, and propagation. Enjoy a workshop and learn about troughs, crevices, and tufa.

4. Each year our chapter sponsors a plant sale… sometimes two for members only. You'll be able to bring home to your garden choice plants not found in local nurseries at a fraction of the retail cost.

5. Our chapter receives free packets of rock garden plant seed each years from the national organization. Many of the are from rare plants. The Chapter passes these seeds along to members… and our members will be able to show you how to grow these seeds into blooming plants.

6. You'll join a friendly group of enthusiastic plant people who simply enjoy sharing conversation and knowledge about plants.

If you're interested in joining us or learning more about knowing-and-growing rock garden plants, fill out MEMBERSHIP FORM and return it with your $10 dues check. You'll receive the next newsletter. And a warm welcome when we get to meet you. For information, contact our Membership Chair, Jean Halverson
 through the "Contact the Chapter" page.