Membership FAQ:

How much does it cost to join?

Annual Memberships cost only $10 per year. Members are encouraged to pay for several years at a time to cut down on reminders and lost memberships.


What is the membership term?

Memberships are for the calendar year from January 1 through December 31. The membership cost remains the same regardless of when during the calendar you pay your dues. Renewal notices are sent our after the first of the year.

How does the chapter communicate?

Most members have and use the Internet so that is our preferred method of communication. We send out very few emails as reminders of meetings and the posting of the chapter newsletter. We won’t be spamming you.

When will I receive my first copy of The Northern Outcrop? 

The newsletter is published four times a year. It is uploaded to the website and a notice is sent to paid members. After the announcement members may download it at their convenience. Paper copies can be mailed upon request.

What are the benefits of chapter membership?

Chapter meetings are normally open to the public. Members receive the additional benefits of the chapter newsletter, The Northern Outcrop, fall (and sometimes spring) plant sale, seed exchange, chapter store for gift items, and door prizes at meetings (plants, books, garden tools, etc). Also garden and nursery tours are for members only.

To join, please complete the membership form.

What are ways for members to Contribute to the Chapter:
Our chapter is a relatively small organization so we depend on the efforts of our members. As a member, we hope you will not only attend meetings and read the newsletter but that you will become an active participant in keeping the Chapter functioning and viable. Here are a number of ways that you may want to contribute to the Chapter:


  • Provide ideas for topics for monthly meetings, workshops, or news articles.
  • Invite friends and fellow gardeners to attend and join; tell others about WI-IL NARGS.
  • Become a board member or volunteer to help.
  • Contribute plants to Chapter plant sales, and purchase plants at them too.
  • Host the fall plant sale.
  • Write an article for the newsletter.
  • Organize a presentation for a meeting. Give a talk.
  • Open your garden for a garden tour.
  • Host out of town speakers.
  • Share your feedback on any and all chapter activities.